The Masterpiece

Life is so beautiful. While everyone is afraid of being alone and embracing the silence, perhaps, we need to be thankful for those quiet peaceful moments. Everyone is not perfect but perfection is what everyone strives for. In 2021, permit yourself to be a master piece and working progress at the same time. We mustContinue reading “The Masterpiece”

Its My Birthday

YAY!! Happy Birthday. You are two years day!  PSG I am two years old with the company today and boy does it feel so good. I believe my potty training days are over and I am no longer eating Gerber baby foods.  My morning starts with coffee or conversation with Holland Smith, receptionist with PSG.Continue reading “Its My Birthday”

Why Blog?

When I started my journey of blogging, I realized I am very resourceful and I love meeting people. I would like to share my life experiences personally, professionally and socially. I reside in the Dallas area. Dallas has been one of the coolest cities I’ve lived in. You’re going to enjoy the content and researchContinue reading “Why Blog?”

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