“Sky’s the Limit”

Evening of Feb 26th, 2022 at 7pm 4Word Organization hosted their 7th Annual Gala “Sky’s the Limit” event at the Omni Hotel in Dallas, Tx. While being introduced to several aspiring women, I had the pleasure of meeting the Founder and Executive Director Diane Paddison. Work, Love, Pray was published by Diane in 2011. In 2017, she published Be Refreshed, devotions for women in the workplace. These books were the beginning stages of Diane launching 4Word Organization.

She has worked several years cultivating a community of supporting Christian individuals to share work experiences through life challenges and success. This community of women continues to set the bar high by creating healthy balances and managing family while a foundation center around God. “God has a call on your life, and I know the power of faith and values in the business world. Whoever you are, whatever your work, God places you with purpose. Your skills, talent, and knowledge are his. So is your career. Balance can seem daunting, and it compels our dependence on him.” Diane Paddison. 4Word Organization helps women in the workplace reach their God-given potential with confidence.

The evening started with prayer and light refreshments. Upon sitting at the table, I was greeted with a light arugula salad, accompanied with Riesling poached peaches, walnuts, goat cheese and honey mustard dressing.  For the Entrée, we were served with a filet of beef based in Marsala scented demi-glace, sweet corn risotto, broccolini, carrots and purple potatoes. Dessert was gracefully resting on the table. Kim and I split the two options of fudgy flourless chocolate cake passion fruit curd, a dollop of vanilla Chantilly crème with fresh strawberries and a fruit tart with berry sauce.

While eating, Rear Admiral Margaret Grun Kibben (Chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives) interviewed Captain Tammie Jo Shults. This conversation was filled with transparency, laughter, and wisdom centered around her seasons of life. “Praying one chapter of Psalms a day is something I manage to do on a daily basis” said Captain Tammie Jo. “And if your child is on time everyday for school you have successfully failed as a parent” she added. As laughter filled the room, we continued to glean from her successes serving in the navy, raising a family, being a wife and surviving the Flight 1380 Southwest Airlines in April 2018. What seemed like a hopeless situation, Tammie Jo said a prayer after successfully landing the plane of 149 passengers safely on the runway in Philadelphia after loosing an engine. “Nerves of Steel, she saved the day though her courageous selfless act” added one of the passengers.

The night ended with a live auction by Joni Nash owner of Cabin at the Coy T Ranch. Additionally, everyone took pictures, and there was light shopping in the foyer.

After attending, I felt empowered and confident to know we are needed in every industry. Life is not for us to share the successes solely but to assist someone else through life, family and work challenges. Women are making positive impacts within the workspace and in the world. “To reach your full potential, you must have God in your life” Captain Tammie Jo says. This organization brings together community of successful Christian women knowing there is more to offer to the world. “Yes, God has not given me a spirit of fear, some translations say timidity. But of power, love and a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7) Captain Tammie Jo confidently states in her closing comments.

If you are in the Dallas area, or sounding counties, I encourage you to get involved with 4Word Organization. You can find more information at www.4word.com. Additionally, there are mentors, groups and events throughout the U.S. Diane Paddison and Captain Tammie Jo Shults books can be found on Amazon or Audible as well.

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