Are you free from Covid-20?

If you are reading this, you’ve officially made it to 2021. Welcome! This year is going to be better. While there might be more distractions with individual traumas, politics, and families, we have to be sure to keep all the goals in front of us. Don’t forget to make a list of all the things you’d like to accomplish this year. If you did not work on anything last year, make the effort to work on yourself. This means work on your physical, mental, or spiritual health. Everything you need is already on the inside of you. You can change every situation and make it work to your advantage. This is the year for you to WIN. You are on the “Winners Team”. This “Winners Team” is called life. If you are waking up in the morning dreading your day, I encourage you to wake up early and make a list of all the things you are thankful for. Remember, gratitude is the foundation for a productive abundant life. Whatever you put out in the universe, it will return to you.

During Christmas, I was at the mall purchasing candles at Bath & Body Works. By the way, Sweather Weather is the best candle to purchase this winter season. While I was at Bath & Body Works, I was going through the list of individuals I wanted to forgive. While my list was not long, I was having a hard time thinking of someone. Ironically, a girl was shopping at the Bath and Body Works who I attempted to fight one night bartending at my bar in Dallas. Well, the account slipped my mind. This was something that happened in 2017. Yes, THREE YEARS AGO! I am no longer that person and I currently operate from a place of peace, not anger. However, we are in Covid-19, all masked down. So she did not recognize me. But I stood, stopped doing what I was doing, and closed my eyes. I said I release forgiveness. Whispered the girls’ name. I release love and blessings in her life right now. I happily walked to the counter and purchased my candles. I felt a load lift off my life.

I believe when you can take inventory of your life and free yourself from experiences and situations like this. There will be a new meaning to life. Your perspective will change. Sometimes, people tend to look at forgiveness as you and the other person are supposed to pick up where you left off once you have forgiven someone. I believe this is true in some cases. While others, you can forgive the person and genuinely mean and wish them well. Your life continues on the road to recovery. Their life will too. Just like we are intentional about jobs and careers, we need to be more intentional about our friendships and relationships.

Something else, I noticed was when true forgiveness takes place, not only are you making those gratitudes lists but the good returns to you faster. Whhhhaaaaaatttt Chrissy no way!!! Yes, way!! I believe you should try it. Ask your heart to reveal to you what’s in your heart. You’d be surprised what comes to the surface. Every trial is a test. If you pass, it will not return to you again. But if you fail it, the situation will continue to arrive just in different scenery. Life has a weird way of strengthening your character. Your character exemplifies a heart posture. In 2021, this is the year of proving what is in your heart.

Make 2021 the year of you. I mean be intentional about developing yourself and doing what right. When you are at the grocery store, be sure to thank the cashier for risking their life one more day in Covid-19 for you to be able to purchase your groceries. Some are probably thinking well Chrissy, they need to pay their bills. You know what, you might be right but some people are not as fortunate to be able to work a job from home or social distance. So look at it as the public is still serving the communities. We could be very unfortunate and have great paying jobs but there is a mandatory shut down for months, grocery stores included, and not be able to purchase food. So remember, in 2021 if you don’t do anything else, forgive and write your list of gratitude. Happy New Year Everyone. Let’s make 2021 one remember!

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