Its My Birthday

YAY!! Happy Birthday. You are two years day! 

PSG I am two years old with the company today and boy does it feel so good. I believe my potty training days are over and I am no longer eating Gerber baby foods. 

My morning starts with coffee or conversation with Holland Smith, receptionist with PSG. While walking to my desk, I am greeted with a smile and light morning conversations by our Admin Team, Breanna Wagon and Christina Florence, then David LaBounty. Shortly after, Craig Dennis speaks with a “Good Morning Christian!” By the time I arrive at my desk, I look to the right of me to see if Karina Davis and Paul Hart are nice and snuggled into their offices. Collectively all these things, allow my morning to start pleasantly. 

From decorating Chris Hoover, VP of Finance, birthday with the girls from Finance, Marketing and Sales Teams, to Happy Hours and Food Drives, to random lunch outings with Taylor Jackson and Naidene Ralph, to Dean Whites’ Thursdays Inspirations Emails, Client Management visits, random photo ops with Kim Quintana in the lunch area admiring who has the latest PSG apparel, hearing Dee Jones whistle throughout the office, Friday Prayer calls with Chaplain Candy and celebrating my birthday with Vicky Klakken, Sam Henderson and Stephanie Niemeyer this past year, to ending the year with one of the best work Christmas parties ever, these events have made my experiences with PSG a positive one. 

I am so grateful to be awarded this opportunity. Thank you so much Paul Hart for believing in me and encouraging me through the journey of working with PSG. I want to acknowledge my new Supervisor Russ Howard for working so hard to make sure we have the information and instruction needed to succeed in our jobs with L1. Our most recent member of the Team Sabrina Boyd as well. Thank you everyone for being the best version of you at work and making my work experiences one of the best ones I’ve had in my career. Happy 2nd Workversery. 

Please read further of the things I’ve learned while working at PSG.  

Here are 4 Things I learned at PSG: 

  1. Communication – This can be verbal communication or written communication. Everyone work life is very busy but responding to emails permit individuals to know its ok to ask questions. 
  2. Being a reflective listener – If you are having a hard time understanding you can regurgitate information. Proposing questions such as using decoder phrases: “What I hear you saying is” or “If I understand you correctly”, etc. 
  3. Be Punctual – If your job does not have a “clock in” system, be on time for work. I remember my mentor used to say, “To be on time is to be early and to be late is to be on time.” This helps your day start successfully. You can appropriately asset all the work tasks you have for the day. Additionally, this helps other individuals by motivating them to do the same. Discipline takes strength. It’s easy to be lazy and go through the day with no discipline. Planned actions promote a characteristic trait of great success. 
  4. Get Rid of Gossip – Backbiting and tearing down people should not be allowed in your presence. If you hear it, you should ignore it by changing the subject or helping the individual to find the positive in the situation. If its something you feed into, you can find yourself picking up the trait and repeating the action in your workplace as well as your personal life. 

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