Addict’d 2 Butterflyz

A few years ago, I decided to write a book. I am very young, but everyone says I have been through enough in life as a 60 year old women. Call it great wisdom. While I am still experiencing this amazing journey of my life, I want to highlight some trails from my life by publishing a book.

I decided to title the book Addict’d 2 Butterflyz because every time I have experienced something traumatic in my life, I saw a butterfly right after. For example, I was in two bad car accidents. Both were not my fault. One happened in the snow in Michigan and the other in Texas. Both times, I experienced a butterfly during me worrying about the “how-to’s” concerning my car.

Butterfly Facts… Did you know?

  • When the larva is hatched from the eggshell, the larva is transformed into the caterpillar. This is their puberty stage.
  • During the puberty stage, ecdsone is released.
  • Butterflies are not the same. Their wings are as unique as a fingerprint.
  • Butterflies has a complete metamorphosis phase.
  • Buttflies stay in the cocoon from 5 – 21 days and live up to 1 year.

In this book, I will be sharing the challenges I faced such as being a single mother and the traumatic divorce. I will discuss the challenges of recovery and how to overcome it. Educating individuals on the importance of marriage and how to set yourself up for a successful marriage. Additionally, I will share my life in the bar industry and how I was able to overcome alcohol addiction. Remember you never go through life; you grow through life. Every obstacle is an opportunity to grow and change your mindset.

Once the book is published, I will be sure to provide the information on all social media websites. While some of the life experiences are common, some are very rare. Hopefully, it will bring great encouragement for you to keep pushing forward and strive to work hard in life.

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